Operations management ppt lecture notes

Operations Management PPT and PDF Free: A space of management having an active role in designing the process of production and also in controlling the production process is known as operations management, it also redesigns the operations of business in the generation of goods and services.

In the term operations management, operations relate to the process of generating outputs from required inputs and management works in a controlled manner and according to rules of a firm or a company. A transformation from production management to operations management extended the fields of firms to service organizations or firms. The parameters concerned with operations management and in other words, the objectives of operations management are as follows:.

Operations management also manages the process of converting raw materials, energy, and labor into services or finished goods. It studied about manufacturing process and also about services; programs of it are as follows:. A production system is a part of a firm which manufactures products of a firm. In this system, operations are done on resources to add value to it and all these are done as per the policies of management.

The below figure explains about the system of production:. Generally, operations in a firm are of two types and those are:. Few examples of operations systems are bus services, taxi services, hospitals, tailors, and buildings. The below figure explains about the operations system for department stores. Fig2: System of Operations for Department Stores. The process of transformation includes random fluctuations like late delivery and labor turnover.

A framework of managing operations includes organizing, planning and controlling the complete activities of an organization and these affect human behavior through models. The activities that come under scheduling conversion system are as follows:. Activities which come under material control are as follows:. The activities which come under managing for world class competition are as below:.

The below diagram shows the framework for managing operations and it is as below:. Fig3: A Model for Managing Operations. The important responsibility of operations managers is about processing inputs and makes outputs by controlling required parameters.

The primary keywords contained in definition of operations management are resources, systems and transformation and value addition activities. The activities which are under production functions and operations management functions are as follows:. All you need to do is just click on the download link and get it. If you liked it then please share it or if you want to ask anything then please hit comment button.

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MBA Operations Management Notes 2020 | Free Download

I am passionate about blogging. Thank for the information Reply. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.Your note helped me a lot, thanks again and keep doing similar B from Ethiopia!!!!! Search This Blog. Friday, August 05, Operations Management. Operations Management Course description : This operations management course is intended to be a survey of the operating practices and procedures found in both manufacturing and service delivery firms.

We will focus our attention on those business processes and procedures used to transform inputs into finished goods and services. Operations management focuses on the systematic planning, design, and operation of all processes required for the production of goods and the delivery of services.

Thus, operations management spans almost all the real value-added activities of an organization including product and process design, customer order management, production, and service delivery. Operations management also includes many supporting value-added activities such as purchasing, material requirements planning, inventory management, project management, and process improvement.

These and related topics will be covered. Chapter 1 Introduction to Operations Management. Chapter 3 Statistical Quality Control. Chapter 4 Product Design. Chapter 5 Service Design. Chapter 6 Processes and Technology. Chapter 7 Capacity and Facilities. Chapter S7 Facility Location Models. Chapter 8 Human Resources. Chapter 9 Project Management. Introduction to Project Management - Basics. Chapter 10 Supply Chain Management. Chapter 11 Global Supply Chain Procurement.

Chapter 12 Forecasting. Chapter 13 Inventory Management. Chapter S13 Simulation. Chapter 14 Sales and Operational Planning. Chapter 15 Resource Planning. Chapter 17 Scheduling.After you enable Flash, refresh this page and the presentation should play.

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Tags: management operations management operation. Latest Highest Rated. What Operations Managers do? Organizing to produce goods and services Where are the OM jobs?

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Operations Management is the set of activities that creates goods and services by transforming inputs into outputs Operations Management focuses on carefully managing the processes to produce and distribute products and services. Gantt charts illustrate the start and finish dates of the terminal elements and summary elements of a project.

Shewhart stressed that bringing a production process into a state of statistical control, where there is only chance-cause variation, and keeping it in control, is necessary to predict future output and to manage a process economically. Related activities managing purchases inventory control quality control storage logistics evaluations and we need to comunicate them with each others.

OM often includes substantial measurement and analysis of internal processes, because a great deal of focus is on efficiency and effectiveness of processes.

operations management ppt lecture notes

Ultimately, the nature of how operations management is carried out in an organization depends very much on the nature of products or services in the organization. Effective planning seeks to answer questions such as What should the firm do? The output of this process are goals and objectives. When must the firm achieve these goals? The output is a schedule defining milestones and due dates.

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Who is responsible for doing it? The outputs are assigned responsibilities. How should this be done? The outputs may be directions or plans of action. How should performance be measured? The output includes standards of performance.

Operations Management, Competitiveness, and Operations Strategy - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Planning is forward looking. When planning is operational, the planning horizon is shorter and the level of detail within is greater. When strategic, the planning horizon is long and done in less detail. Analysis supports the planning process by providing the facts in useful formats that can then be used to evaluate business alternatives.Copy embed code:.

Automatically changes to Flash or non-Flash embed. WordPress Embed Customize Embed. URL: Copy. Presentation Description No description available. Manufacturing or Service? Service Characteristic Manufacturing Service Output Uniformity of output Uniformity of input Labor content Measurement of productivity Customer contact Opportunity to correct quality problems before delivery Evaluation Patentable Table 1.

Capacity Planning: How many number of planes in each route? Scheduling: Scheduling of planes for flights and for routine maintenance, scheduling of pilots and flights attendants. Quality: Quality of the services, Safety. Capacity Planning : Number of shifts, level of workforce. Inventory: Various component, parts. Scheduling: Scheduling of various types of cars, Scheduling of workforce. Quality: Quality of products, services.

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Evolution of Operations Management: Evolution of Operations Management Highly skilled workers use simple, flexible tools to produce small quantities of customized goods. Based on Demand Pattern: a Make-to-Order e. Project Shop 2. Job Shop Batch Shop 3. Assembly Line 4. Shipbuilding, Aircraft building : Project Shop Production e. Shipbuilding, Aircraft building Product mostly standard- can be customized Both general and specialized purpose equipment is used Large size operation Single item production runs Production schedule is fixed and definite-planned well in advance Formal quality control in most aspects-clear standards Firms compete on quality, price, technology, capacity, and delivery speed.

Job Shop Production Facility: Job Shop Production Facility Custom Products- each job could be different New products introduced constantly and easily No clear flow pattern through facility Mostly general purpose equipment is used Impossible to balance capacities with demand - equipment, will be idle. Usually small to medium size operation.


Job Shop Production Facility II : Job Shop Production Facility II Short production runs Large work in process is typical Highly skilled workers typically utilized Informal quality control through each worker-final inspection Firms compete on technical competence and flexibility to market change more than absolute price. Batch Flow Process e.

One basic flow pattern- some products may skip steps in process. General purpose equipment is predominant- some special purpose. Short to medium length production runs. Workers typically medium to lower skilled.

Quality control can be formal- emphasis on worker for Q. Products often compete in market based on price and quality of design.

operations management ppt lecture notes

Assembly Line Process e.Maintenance of time margins where services connect. For example, with multi-modalism involving container tonnage and the dry port concept involving dedicated rail networks port turn-round time is crucial.

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This involves the containerized hub and spoke system. Arrangements for relief measure which may arise in cases of emergency 7. Climatic conditions.

Some ports are ice-bound throughout certain periods of the year, which prevents any shipping calling at these particular ports. This arises when conference and non-conference tonnage, for example, operate schedules alongside each other and compete in the same market place.

This gives emphasis to the value added benefit derived from the service provided to the shipper. Time necessary for terminal duties at the port. Voyage time.

Fleet Planning It reflects the business plan objective strategy. It embraces the effective use of the company resources and basically is market driven and budgeting features strongly. It is programmed usually over two years, but sometimes five years accords with the company business plan. Fleet Planning Factors significantly influence the decision making process in operational fleet planning as given below: Larger vessels tend to be more economical, but can be severely constrained by the availability of deep water berths such as VLCC and mega cruise liner.

Sister vessels built with the same specification are easier to manage, having regard to speed, capacity, layout, age and flag. Smaller vessels give more operational flexibility. The mega tanker tonnage VLCC serve the oil terminals and in some trades the oil is distributed to other maritime oil terminals into smaller tanker vessels. Relative importance of speed, frequency, reliability, cost and quality of sea transport.

Estimated productivity of tankers, bulk carriers, combined carriers and the residual fleet, selected years of ton miles performed per dwt. MANNING of VESSELS The Ship Master: To hold the position of a Master: is a much coveted appointment is the culmination of years of sea experience required to hold a Masters Certificate which is obtained by examination, and issued by authoritative institutions thoroughly competent in navigation matters including the use of such navigational aids as the gyrocompass, radar, direction finder, echo-sounding device, and position-fixing device together with other instruments.

STCW code. MANNING of VESSELS Deck Departments Duty: The duties of the bosun boatswain are such that he acts as a foreman of the deck-hands The carpenters responsibilities include attendance at the forward windlass during berthing and unberthing operations the seamen grades I and II are watch keepers, taking their turn at steering and look-out duties the remaining deck hands are day workers employed at sea in general duties.

Some shipping lines rely on the purser overall in chargechief steward cabins and chief catering officer catering to represent their particular departments. Sometime called as Stewards Department. Before seamen are engaged on a new crew agreement and before they are added to an agreement which is already current, at least 24 hours notice must be given to the appropriate super-intendent or proper officer.

The notice of engagement must include name of ship; port of registry; official number; whether a new crew agreement is to be made or whether a person s is to be added; and the capacity in which each person to be engaged is to be employed.

The person before whom the seaman is discharged must enter in the official log book the place, date and time of the seamans discharge and in the crew list the place, date and reason for the discharge. The seaman must sign the entry in the crew list. In the event of the seaman not being present at the time of discharge, similar entries must be made in the official log and in the crew list.

All entries in the official log must be signed by the person making the entry and by a member of the crew. The seaman can request a certificate either as to the quality of his work or indicating whether he has fulfilled his obligations under the agreement.

Learn more about Scribd Membership Home. Read Free For 30 Days. Much more than documents. Discover everything Scribd has to offer, including books and audiobooks from major publishers.Production management — background 2. Decision- making process of production 3. Improvement of productivity 4.

Forecasting demand of production 5. Design of goods and services 6. Process strategy 7. Material requirements planning and capacity requirements planning 8. Inventory control 9. Specialization and outsourcing Location and layout strategies Planning and scheduling production — information systems Render, B. McKay, V. Wiers, Practical production control. Ross Publishing There has to be a planned, coordinated and monitored system of approach to the operations and productions of the organization.

This is the reason for production management. It basically concerns itself with the conversion of inputs into outputs. This concept is not restricted to only industrial or manufacturing sectors; it is also applicable to service industries. Production management and operations management are treated as being synonymous. Figure 1. The operations function, T.

Text and cases, p. This responsibility is often referred to as people management. This is to build a workforce that can easily adapt to new equipment and schedules in production. The production manager must also choose the methods in using these machines to achieve efficiency. The production manager manages the inventory and production level and quantity with the returns on investment, on focus. Holstein[1], production planning and controlling functions can summarily put thus:.

These factors are listed below: - a Standardization b Reliability c Maintainability d Servicing e Reproducibility f Sustainability g Product simplification h Quality Commensuration with cost i Product value j Consumer quality k Needs and tastes of consumers.

The product design should be dictated by the market demand.After you enable Flash, refresh this page and the presentation should play. Get the plugin now. Toggle navigation. Help Preferences Sign up Log in. To view this presentation, you'll need to allow Flash.

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Latest Highest Rated. Industrial Competition 2. Distances 3. Partnership and Alliances 4. Mass Customization 5. Services 6. Quality 7. Flexibility 8.

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Technology 9. Human Resources concerns Primary task of firm 2. Core competencies 3. Order qualifiers and winners 4. Position of the firm in the marketplace 13 Primary Task of Firm Beyond Vision and mission statements HR tools for aligning staff on common course Vision statement general future direction Mission statement current state Exploit current competencies for customers internal competencies Consider new products and services competencies markets 14 Core Competencies What are we best at?

What competency beats the competition? What process not product are we good at? Minimize Cost within quality limits Maximize Quality e.

operations management ppt lecture notes

Products and services 2. Process and Technology 3. Capacity and Facilities 4. Human Resources 5. Quality 6. Sourcing 7. Operating Systems 18 Products and Services Make-to-order vs.


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